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Experienced as Indonesian Translator for More Than 18 Years

More Than 18 Years of Professional Translating Experience as Indonesian Translator

How to Contact Saya (Cara Menghubungi Saya)

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WhatsApp (Lihat juga di bagian paling bawah halaman ini): +62 812 777 29 499 (Always Online for 24/7)  



HERICH TRANSLATIONS is not the name of a company but of a translation business owned by and in which all of its translations are produced by Herich Gunawan himself as its only one native Indonesian translator experienced in almost all types of documents of almost all fields since 5th January 2003 as presented and viewable below on this webpage.

In addition to his having been experienced in translating English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English, Herich Gunawan is also experienced in translating lots of Simplified Chinese to English and Indonesian for his customers, mostly for his national customers comprising of both agencies and end customers in Jakarta (Indonesia). Due to very limited skills of Chinese language, Herich Gunawan merely translates particular types of Chinese documents only as seen below on this webpage.


How Herich Gunawan translates your documents?

In addition to comparing the exact technical words and technical phrases in one dictionary with other dictionaries, every translation performed by Herich Gunawan at his professional rate or price is always based on his both online and offline researches of technical terminologies found on many trusted sources of terminologies divided or categorized into 4 (four) types or categories of trusted sources such as governmental websites, university or academic websites, industrial websites and newspapers or press websites using the exact terminologies or technical words or technical phrases to be then also used by Herich Gunawan himself in a target document in which his translation is in the process of execution.

In this way, Herich Gunawan can satisfactorily see that every translation produced by himself does not merely use the exact words and exact phrases as used in relevant industries and relevant universities but as also popularly used in either several or many newspapers and governmental communications in Indonesia as seen and understood by most native Indonesian speakers all over Indonesia.


Background of Education:

I, Herich Gunawan, was graduated from STBA PRAYOGA PADANG with an S.S (an Indonesian title, which means B.A) degree in English and English Literature.

The Indonesian acronym "STBA" stands for Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing, which means Higher Education of Foreign Languages. 

At my college, I was taught and trained to do both translation and interpreting from English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English.

In addition, I was also taught the Theory of Translation, Semantics, English Syntax, American Accounting and other supporting subjects.


Translating Experience: 

In terms of translating experience, I have been a freelance translator since 5th January 2003 (More Than 18 Years of Professional Translating Experience as Indonesian Translator) during which I have translated lots of documents in almost all fields on regular basis, and thus I am familiar with documents in almost all fields.

I am also experienced in conducting both online and offline researches of technical terminologies to support my translation projects so far.

If you have documents that must be translated from Simplified Chinese (particular types of Chinese documents only) to English, English to Indonesian (almost all fields) or Indonesian to English (almost all fields), you can contact me.

I have translated thousands of pages of particular Simplified Chinese documents such as medical documents, banking and financial documents, quality management documents, legal documents, culinary documents and other documents.

However, my strongest language pairs are English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English. 


English/Indonesian Documents Translated by Myself Since 5th January 2003 are in the Following Fields:

  • Legal (Certificates, Licenses, Diplomas, Civil Registries, Patents, Claims, Complaints, Letters of Attorney, SOPs or Standard Operating Procedures, Leases or Contract Agreements, Court Orders, Court Summons, Court Petitions, Judicial Reviews, Legal Advice, Acts and Regulations, Enactments, Ministerial Decrees and Regulations
  • Medical (General, Pharmaceutical, Dentistry and Cardiology)
  • Health Care
  • Psychology
  • IT (software/apps)
  • Video Games
  • Electronic and Engineering
  • Banking and Finance
  • Accounting (Financial Statements)
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Real Estate and Building and Construction
  • Street Construction
  • Automotive and Motorcycle/Motorbike
  • Christianity (Bible and Evangelization)
  • Esoteric Practices
  • Farming or Agriculture or Plantation (Plants, Seeds, Fertilizers, Farms, Soil Cultivation, Fungicides, Pest Control and Pesticides)
  • Livestock Farm
  • Ship or Vessel
  • Sea Fishery
  • E-commerce
  • Business and Marketing
  • Fashion
  • Subtitle
  • History and Biography
  • Oil and Gas
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Coal Mining

Simplified Chinese Documents Translated by Myself Since 5th January 2003 are in the Following Fields:

  • Quality Management
  • Medical (General)
  • Banking (General)
  • Legal (Contract Agreements, Company Regulations, Business Licenses and Certificates)
  • Financial (Audit Reports)
  • Marketing
  • Video Games
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • China Ceramic Manufacturing
  • Coal Mine 

Types of Documents Translated by Myself from English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English are as Follows:

  1. Sales and Purchase Agreements
  2. Technical Manuals (Electronic, Engineering, Electricity, Automotive/Motorcycle, Medical, Ceramic and Glass)
  3. SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  4. Company Profiles
  5. Company Regulations
  6. Business Proposals
  7. Journals
  8. News Articles
  9. Press Releases
  10. Abstracts and Theses
  11. Essays
  12. Certificates of Graduation or Degree Certificates
  13. Certificates of Completion of Senior High School
  14. Academic Transcripts
  15. Patent Registration Certificates
  16. Bank Forms
  17. DBS Equity Linked Notes and/or Reserve Equity Linked Notes
  18. Agreement for DBS Equity Notes
  19. ICBC documents
  20. Agricultural or Farming or Plantation Documents
  21. Blueprint: Feasibility Studies
  22. Ministerial Decrees
  23. Ministerial Regulations
  24. Government procurements of goods and services
  25. Tourism Documents
  26. Restaurant Menus
  27. Medical Instrument Manuals
  28. Medical Diagnosis Reports
  29. Medical Certificates
  30. Certificate of Diagnosis
  31. Beauty Product Instruction
  32. Laboratory Profile, Medical Devices and Laboratory License
  33. Patient Information Sheet
  34. Descriptive Letter of a Patient’s Cause of Death or Clarification Letter of a Patient’s Death
  35. Medical Certificate of Cause of Death
  36. Death Certificate and Letter of Request to the Judge for a Legal Permission to Work in the U.S.A
  37. Rectification Petition
  38. Legal Basis for an International Tax Presentation
  39. Court Orders
  40. Court Summons
  41. Judicial Review and Judicial Decree
  42. Legal Service Agreement
  43. Civil Complaints
  44. Family Cards
  45. Indonesian Identity Cards
  46. Biography
  47. Driving Licenses
  48. Economic Letters
  49. Letter from the CEO
  50. Subtitle Documents
  51. Webpages
  52. Training Modules and Course Materials
  53. Presentation Materials
  54. Financial Statements
  55. Consolidated Financial Statements
  56. Civil Registry of the Birth of an Indonesian Citizen’s Daughter Born in Sydney, Australia
  57. Certificate of Civil Status
  58. Notification of VISA Approval
  59. Citizenship Renunciation Letter
  60. Notification of the Status of a Singapore Citizenship Application of an Indonesian Family
  61. Power Plant Documents
  62. Oil and Gas Documents
  63. Software Strings
  64. Badminton App named Badminton4U
  65. Birth Certificates
  66. Child Adoption Certificates
  67. Marriage Certificates
  68. Divorce Certificates
  69. Employment Contracts
  70. Commercial and Collaboration Agreements
  71. Buyback Agreements
  72. Deeds of Notary
  73. LOIs (Letters of Intent)
  74. MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)
  75. Decision Letters
  76. Certificates of Registration of the Management System
  77. Certificates of Registration of Value-added Tax
  78. Certificates of Accreditation
  79. Deeds of Establishment
  80. Deeds of Registry
  81. Certificates of Incorporation
  82. Business Tender Documents
  83. Executive Summaries
  84. Minutes of Meetings
  85. Sustainability Reports
  86. List of Fashion Products on
  87. Building and Construction Document
  88. Voice-over Script
  89. Car System Instruction
  90. Watch Instruction
  91. AquaTower and AquaTower Filter Manual
  92. Submersible Pump Brochures
  93. Video Game documents (using my SDL Trados Studio 2019)
  94. Booklet of Legal Advice (entitled the Law and You) on the Law in Singapore for DFWs (Domestic Foreign Workers) in Singapore
  95. Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Policy
  96. Gospel webpage: translated by myself
  97. Definition of Fees (Applicable to Employer, Agent, Sub-agent and Intermediary) in Regard to Foreign Migrant Workers

  98. Many more types of documents translated by myself that are not listed here (due to loss of much data in my former flash disks)
Types of Documents Translated by Myself from Chinese to Indonesian and Chinese to English are as Follows:
  1. Product Manuals
  2. Quality Management Manuals
  3. Quality Management Systems
  4. Quality Control Management System, Parameter of General Pipeline Equipment, etc.
  5. Medical Diagnoses
  6. Medical Reports
  7. Business Licenses and Other Business Certificates
  8. Certificates of Graduation
  9. Certificate of Inspection
  10. Sales and Purchase Agreements
  11. Apartment Lease Agreements
  12. Menus
  13. Company Regulations
  14. Brochures
  15. Bank Forms
  16. Audit Reports
  17. Police Clearances
  18. Poker regulation
  19. Card Game Regulation (another client)
  20. Many more types of documents translated by myself that are not listed here (due to loss of much data in my former flash disks)

Reference Materials for My Translations:

Online Researches (Governmental Websites, Industrial Websites and University Websites), English dictionaries (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, English to Indonesian Dictionary by John M. Echols and Hasan Shadily, Indonesian to English Dictionary by John M. Echols and Hasan Shadily, KBBI (for Indonesian Spelling Standard Dictionary), 汉语印度尼西亚语大词典 by Beijing Library of Foreign Languages, 有道词典and Other Dictionaries.

Capacity (Daily Output):  1,500 to 2,500 words per day (75,000 words per month)

Translation Rate:  you can email me at

CAT tools:  SDL Trados Studio 2019 (Still Keep Learning and Practising) and SmartCAT (Free Version Online)

Subtitling Software:   AegiSub (for .ASS files) and Subtitle Edit (for .SRT files)

Thus here has been presented all the information based on the true history of my professional translating experiences since 5th January 2003 as mostly Indonesian translator for your perusal.

The afore-mentioned details are copied from my own short CV, which has been shortened from its originally long one (77 pages, formerly 81 pages, in length). 


Sebagai penerjemah profesional spesialis penerjemahan dokumen berpengalaman lebih dari 18 tahun, tentunya saya mengharapkan upah kerja profesional yang layak untuk jerih payah saya mengerjakan penerjemahan dokumen Anda secara profesional. 

Cara cerdas memesan di WhatsApp 08 12 777 29 499: 

1.  Kirimkan dokumen Anda sepenuhnya untuk saya cek sekilas kepadatan tulisannya.

2.  Mari infokan jumlah kata atau halaman di semua dokumen Anda yang harus diterjemahkan.

3. Sebutkan berapa kesanggupan Anda membayar per kata atau per halaman (jika hasil scan).

4.  Jika saya setuju, silahkan melakukan pembayaran pesanan ke rekening bank saya.

5.  Kirimkan semua dokumennya ke untuk saya terjemahkan.

Dengan demikian, kita menghemat waktu kedua pihak.

Harapan dari Saya: 

1.  Kepuasaan Anda sebagai konsumen adalah kegembiraan saya.

2. Setelah Anda menerima terjemahannya dari saya, saya mengundang Anda dengan rasa hormat untuk mengisi kolom testimoni di situs web ini.

3.  Semoga tetap setia berlangganan ke depannya dan bersedia merekomendasikan ke semua anggota keluarga, teman, kolega, bos dan koneksi Anda. Setiap kali ada kebutuhan menerjemahkan dokumen, Anda dan semua anggota keluarga, teman, kolega, bos dan koneksi Anda bisa mencari dan menghubungi saya. 


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