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Indonesian Translator

Indonesian Translator to translate your documents in good quality

Are you currently in need for an experienced native Indonesian Translator to translate your documents in good quality?

Contact me at +62 812 777 29 499 (Sms/Call), or +62 822 85 58 1950 (WhatsApp)

You can send your documents to herich.translations@gmail.com and send your payment via either Paypal or Bank Transfer. After my receiving your full payment, I start translating your documents. 

For less than 2,500 words, you can have my finished translation of your documents in less than 24 hours.


The link to my most updated CV is available on HerichGunawan-Translator.blogspot.co.id


My Self Introduction as Indonesian Translator

Thank you for your kind visit to my online office of Indonesian Translator. Please kindly allow me to humbly introduce myself as an experienced native Indonesian Translator to translate your documents.

My full name is Herich Gunawan (Mr.), a full-time professional Indonesian Translator residing in the Republic of Indonesia. I have been an Indonesian Translator since 5th January 2003 during which I have translated lots of documents in a large variety of fields of technicality (see my CV) for both translation agencies and end customers both in my own country; the Republic of Indonesia; and in other countries like yours to provide those customers of mine with premium-quality Indonesian translations.

For more information on my translation experiences, you can check my CV that you can download from herichtranslations.webs.com/apps/documents on this same website of mine or; alternatively; you can visit "Indonesian Translator" .

To save your valuable time for your immediate purchase, feel free to email me your documents to my primary e-mail address at herich.translations@gmail.com and send me a text message to my WhatsApp at +62 812 777 29 499 the detailed information on your translation purchase. As my WhatsApp is always automatically online for 24/7, it makes sense that you can receive my fast replies very immediately almost at the same time I receive your message. 


My Translation Office Hours as Indonesian Translator

My online translation office hours are from 07:00 a.m to 12:00 a.m of Western Indonesia’s Time (known as WIB time; the equivalent of GMT+7). 

However, my WhatsApp is always online 24/7 to receive every customer's message.

Regardless of what time it is now in your country, feel free to communicate with me now via WhatsApp at +62 812 777 29 499 and you will always receive my own answer very immediately for every message that you send if I am still awake. 

To see what time it is now in my home office, you can see below: 


If you find that it is not my office hour now, I encourage you to leave a text message to my WhatsApp as it is automatically always online for 24 hours from Monday through Sunday and even during public holidays as well. As soon as I receive a WhatsApp text message from you stating your intention to place an order with me to have your document translated by me, I will reply the message very immediately if I am still awake. If you have made your purchase and payment during my non-office hours, I will be able to start translating your documents in my morning time. 


My Translation Office Location as Indonesian Translator

My home office is located in Riau Province of the Republic of Indonesia; the native province of Indonesian language itself from which Indonesian language is originally derived; in a small town named Airmolek (literally means beautiful water for its known quality of water here). If you have ever visited Pekanbaru, the capital city of Riau Province of Indonesia, you can certainly visit my town too as it is merely some 4 to 5 hours of distance when you travel in your car or by bus from Pekanbaru.


My Online Translation Office as Indonesian Translator

My online office is here on herichtranslations.webs.com/IndonesianTranslatorA.htm and on herichtranslations.webs.com/IndonesianTranslator.htm where you can certainly place your translation order with me online by simply e-mailing me your document(s) that you want me to translate for you and then you can also have a fast communication with me online via WhatsApp or Call to this mobile phone number of mine at +62 812 777 29 499.


Confidentiality of Your Document

Confidentiality of the contents of my customers' documents is part of my commitments to my customers. Since I have protected my computer and laptop with passwords, none of either my family members or non family members can have access to my computer's or laptop's data at all. I have done this for many years already for the sake of my special respect to all of my customers. Quality and confidentiality are my special prides in front of my customers.

If your document is a confidential one; which means that it is not to be disclosed to anyone other than I myself as the only Indonesian Translator of your document; please kindly let me know. Alternatively, I can even remove it from my computer and laptop immediately after my successful submission of that particular document of yours to your e-mail address upon your special request. It is my pleasure to do that in a very professional manner for you as my customer. 


Fields of Technicality that I have translated so far as Indonesian Translator:

Being an Indonesian Translator for over 12 years, fields of technicality that I have handled so far are as follows:

  • Legal 
  • Medical 
  • IT (software)
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Business & Marketing
  • Management
  • Economic
  • Banking & Finance
  • Accounting
  • Agriculture
  • Sea Fishery
  • Culinary
  • Christianity
  • Esoterics
  • Etc. (see my CV or click here "Indonesian Translator" or contact me now)


Some of the Documents that I have translated so far:

  • Contract Agreements
  • Ministerial Regulations
  • Ministerial Decrees or Ministerial Orders
  • Product Manuals (electronic, medical, engineering, and motorbike docs)
  • Quality Control Manuals
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Civil Registration Certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Child Adoption Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Household Cards or Family Cards
  • Indonesia’s Residence Identity Cards
  • Business Licenses
  • Driver’s Licenses or Driving Licenses
  • Police Clearances
  • Notarial Deeds or Notarial Certificates or Notarial Documents
  • Deeds of Establishment or Deeds of Incorporation or Certificates of Incorporation
  • Company’s Regulations
  • Decision Letters of Directors
  • Brochures
  • Articles
  • Journals
  • Abstracts
  • Business Proposals
  • Business Correspondences or Business Letters or E-mail Messages
  • Financial Statements or Financial Reports
  • CVs or Job Resumes
  • Job Application Letters
  • Restaurants’ Menus
  • Webpages such as home pages, terms and conditions, etc.
  • Sermons
  • Etc. (check so many more listed in my CV)


My Daily Output as Indonesian Translator

Usually, based on my own experience so far, my daily output in producing a quality Indonesian translation varies from 1,500 to 2,500 words on daily basis, depending on several factors below:

  • The quality of your source text; which is whether it is blurred or sharp, and whether it contains mistakes in its writing. If it does contain mistakes in its writing, I realize that I have to contact you back for clarity on them to make sure that I do not translate texts that are wrongly written by the writer of your document.
  • Technicality of your source text. If your source text is technical, it requires a special treatment to check each of the terminologies used to assure accuracy of my translation. As you know, it takes time and thus it affects my speed.
  • The format of your document. If your document is in the format of Ms. Word, it would be faster for the translation process itself.
  • My health condition will certainly affect my speed as well.

Sometimes, when your document contains very general words that are not technical at all, I can translate some approximately 2,500 words to 3,500 words on daily basis if the content of your document is really very general without any technical terms at all.


My Minimum Charge

Please contact me via email at herich.translations@gmail.com or via WhatsApp at +62 822 8558 1950.


How to Make Your Payment

You can make your payment to me via:

  • Paypal. If this is your option, please make sure that you pay for the Paypal cost of receiving payment because Paypal has a cost for it. It is just to make sure that I receive your payment in full amount as previously agreed in advance.
  • Skrill (former Moneybookers). Payment via Skrill is also acceptable. 
  • Bank Transfer. Frankly speaking, I prefer this one. But for a small payment, it is not possible for you to use Bank Transfer as it might cost you more than the payment amount itself due to the high cost of bank transfer itself. However, for a particular amount reaching some USD500, it is too costly for you to use Paypal for your payment, and thus the best method is Bank Transfer.
  • Western Union. It is also ok if you decide to use Western Union to make your payment. I often received my customers’ payments via Western Union as well, but most customers nowadays have either Paypal or Bank Transfer as their favorite method of payment due to the high cost of Western Union.

My suggestion is to use either Paypal or Bank Transfer, depending on the total amount of your payment itself.

To make your payment via Paypal, please click:

To make your payment via Bank Transfer or another method of payment as listed above, please communicate with me in advance via WhatsApp. 


How Soon I Start Working On Your Document

If you have already sent or transferred your payment for your translation order, I usually start my working on your document very soon on condition that it is still in my office hours. Otherwise, I usually start it in the next working hours on the next working day. If I start working in the morning at approximately 08:00 a.m when my office has just opened, I usually have reached or finished some 2,300 to 2,500 words in my evening time at around 06:00 p.m to 07:00 p.m before I leave my desk for my dinner.  


Communication during My Translation Process

Communication during my translation process is certainly possible on condition that it does not take much time during my full concentration on your document. Just leave me your text message on my WhatsApp so that you can then communicate with me there. In case of any mistakes found in your text, I can easily notify you of which part or line or paragraph I have found the mistakes in your writing. On the other hand, you can also notify me of any updates or changes that you want to make in your source text. Make sure that you send your text message first to my WhatsApp if and if you need this kind of fast communication during the translation process.


My Translation Process as Indonesian Translator

To be able to produce a premium quality translation, there are several stages that I have to do such as:

  • Checking all technical terminologies used in your document to see whether it contains lots of technical terms or not.
  • Creating a glossary list containing all technical terms used in your document(s) and checking my existing glossaries for comparison with the technical terms used in your document(s) prior to my starting working on your document(s) by keeping an eye on the glossary lists for the technical terms that have to be used in my translation.
  • Reading the contents of your document(s) one by one very carefully with the intention to have a clear and full understanding of the subject of your document as well as to check whether your document contains several mistakes in its writing or whether it has been written by the writer of your document in good quality without any mistakes at all. 
  • After having a clear and full understanding on the subject of your document and after finding that there are no mistakes in its writing, then the next stage is starting my translation on your document. If your document is presented in the format of editable Ms. Word, it is certainly easier for me to just overwrite your source text with my translation text without having to open two windows or screens on my computer or laptop for comparison between your source document and my translation document, and thus it doesn't take too much time and energy to finish my translation of your document. 
  • After finishing my translation of your document, it is time for me to do some editing of my translation to check whether there are several mistakes that I have done in my translation. If there are no mistakes, I can immediately submit my final translation product to your e-mail address. But if there are several mistakes, I have to do my corrections on them in advance before I consider my translation to be a 100-percent ready-for-use final translation product to be submitted to your e-mail address.


Submission of My Translation to Your E-mail Address

After finishing my translation process, which is usually at around 06:00 p.m to 07:00 p.m of Western Indonesia's Time (known as WIB time; the equivalent of GMT+7), I have a short break for my dinner before I go ahead to the next stage in my translation process; which is a stage in which I have to work harder and harder to make sure that there are no mistakes in my translation prior to my submission of my final translation product in good quality to your e-mail address. 


My Request for Your Testimonial for My Service as Indonesian Translator

Usually; after my submission to your e-mail address; I would like to invite you to have a willingness to share your experience in placing your order with me as your Indonesian Translator to have your document translated by me. As you know, a testimonial; regardless of how short it is written; is very helpful for me and my online office visitors to have a clear picture or illustration on my professional translation service as Indonesian Translator.

If you have received my translation submission in your e-mail address now, you are also invited to fill in the short testimonial form available on a special page that I have provided for you to make an entry of your testimonial. Below is the link to the testimonial page that I have provided for you:


Alternatively, please click "Testimonials" and make your entry now. After finishing making your entry there, please kindly notify me via either e-mail or WhatsApp. I am ready to help you translate your next document in your next translation order for me. Thank you for your visit and trust to my online office of Indonesian Translator. I am very happy to have you as my regular customer here.

You can also read my another page of Indonesian Translator for more information if you are willing to by clicking "Indonesian Translator".

To place your translation order now, feel free to e-mail me your document(s) and send me a text message to my WhatsApp at +62 822 85 58 1950 now and I will reply your message very immediately.


Other Languages' Translation Services

Other languages (both Asian and European ones) are also available (to be done by my team of native speakers of the respective languages). 

For information, please feel free to contact me at +62 822 85 58 1950 (WhatsApp).

Indonesian Translator


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